Title: The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye

Author: David Lagercrantz

Genre: Novel

Publisher: Quercus Publishing

Year of Publication: 2017

Number of Pages: 368 pages

Book Dimensions: 15.50 x 23.50 x 2.90 CM

Price: Rp. 239,000

English Edition


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A Brief Story

Salander has been jailed in Flodberga, a special prison for women who are under close surveillance with high security. The prisoners are divided into several groups. One of the most influential leaders of the group was Benito, a large and cruelly armed woman with keris. Salander did not care about the chaos, nor the atmosphere that filled with conspiracy, and hidden torture. What she noticed carefully was Faria Kazi, a beautiful prisoner who often tortured by Benito while the warden as if closing their eyes and making compromize. What did Salander do to save Faria Kazi? What is the background of the Faria Kazi case so that she becomes the main target of Benito's torture? What happened to a prison full of corruptors after Salander decided to step in?

Meanwhile Salander also keeps trying to uncover the mystery of her childhood that leads her to a hint about a woman who has a birthmark on the neck. She asked Blomkvist to investigate Leo, who ultimately made Blomkvist witness to the death of Salander's most loyal patron, Holger Palmgreen and dragged him to a deeper mystery about twin experiments decades ago. A project that has been disabled and is clearly illegal. Will Blomkvist reveals the mystery and the conspiracy? What is the correlation between the project with Salander? Who is the woman with the birthmark on the neck?

With various setting places in Stockholm, the story of Salander and Blomkvist feels so alive and thrilling. The storyline that raised several things about Islam is also interesting to note.


Book Design (cover, ilustration, etc)

Obviously, I really like its cover design. The colors are white, silver, black, and yellow, looks so elegant. Not to mention the illustrations of the body silhouette of women who became the background of its writing design. This book will surely stand out in the bookstore display as soon as I see it.

Three Swedish and Stockholm map drawings are also well designed. Classic and personal. There are some places on the manual map that are not in the formal map version. Using that map, we can find the location where Salander was taken by Benito and her accomplice to be killed.



Figures and Characters 

Besides the two main figures Millenium Series, Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, there are also some other figures such as Faria Kazi, Ahmed, Bashir, Leo, Mannheimer, Dan Brody, Benito, Olsen, Malin, Holger Palmgreen, Greitz, and Benjamin. All the characters involved have their description on the front page of this book. For readers who do not really like stories that have many characters, this book may be a bit confusing and tiring. But for those who like the thriller genre, suspense, mystery, which involves many characters, this book could be an interesting reading.

In my opinion, the description of the antagonist figures is good enough. It seems that Benito is a bit of a mental illness, and Faria Kazi's brothers are definitely "stupid" criminals, but the true-blooded killer predicate is actually held by a female character with a birthmark on the neck. This time besides Salander and Blomkvist, the police detective is also a hero in the story.

We can find the eccentric character of Salander which make her decision is a little different than common people in the book. Even so, the situation of Salander's capture by Benito's flock seems a little less fitting according to how genius and great Salander's abilities are.


Storyline and Background

The best part of the storyline seems to be in Part 1 which stories are still centered on Salander and the situation in prison. The next plot runs slower, probably because David Lagercrantz needs an established logical background for the story of the twin project in order to support the flow perfectly. As a result, I (as a reader) be brought to a variety of past events that are accompanied by terms of medicine, genetics, even finansial, and music.

For readers who love the novel contains with a deep explanation of conflicts, The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye meets these criteria. But this book is definitely not suitable for readers of suspense novels, thrillers, and mysteries who want a light storyline only.

Some story ideas do not feel new, but the versatility of David Lagercrantz in processing the story can cover it.

Description of the background certainly greatly support the success of the story. In fact I did enjoy the background of the place being served. Especially the description of the prison where Lisbeth Salander had been taken.

It was ridiculous to have to travel for forty minutes in an old Scannia bus without air conditioning, given that the prison was situated so close to the railway line, but there was no nearby train station. It was 5.40 p.m. by the time he band to make out the dull-gray concrete wall of the prison. At seven meters high, ribbed and curved, it looked like a gigantic wave frozen in the middle of terrifying assault in the open plain. The pine forest was a mere line on the distant horizon and there was not a human dwelling in sight. There prison entrance gate was so close to the railway-crossing barriers that there was only room for one car at a time to pass in front of it.

Page 44


Interesting things I find in the book

Yes, I know Stieg Larsson's book. Yes, I remember the Millennium Series with its phenomenal Salander and Blomkvist figures. But as soon as I opened this book I was reminded to many things about it. The pages that read the praises of the Millennium Series books written by David Lagercrantz and Stieg Larsson refreshed my memory of the success of the books.

Some of the books I read previously also put similar pages on the front pages of the book, but especially for this book, as this is actually a phenomenal series and the total number of series quite many, including The Girl With Dragon Tattoo as its first book, the page containing this compliment is impressive for me.


Another surprise I found is a map. Yes, there are city map of Stockholm, Sweden, and some parts of the city that "she said" is not on the formal map. Hinted that there is a mystery ?. The map itself is interesting to be explored, especially as the storyline flow and the characters perform in various locations, so I turn to the page of the map just to see where the incident Salander almost be killed.


Not enough with that, I then found another page that tells of the characters on the Millennium Series figures involved in this book. I was reminded of the style of some of the old books I once read, one of Agatha Christy's detective books that often gives a brief description of the character of the early characters or the detective S. Mara Gd who is famous for the Kosasih and Gozali police figures.


The narrative chosen to be its prologue also made me curious. Partly because I felt I was failing to guess the plot, and partly because the word "dragon" mentioned in the narrative from the beginning had kept its own appeal to me.

Holger Palmgren was sitting in his wheelchair at the visitors' room.

"Why is that dragon tattoo so important to you?" he said, "I've always wanted to know?"

"It had to do with my mother."

"With Agneta?"

"I was little, maybe six.I ran away from home."

"It's coming back to me now." She has some kind of birthmark. "

"It looked like a burn on her throat."

"As if a dragon had breathed fire on her."


At first I thought something of Indonesian I found once, just mentioned a glance in this book. But I was wrong. You can read it by yourself and find one of our traditional weapons into objects carried by one of the antagonists. And this weapon holds a prominent role in one part of the story line. Do I love it?

I do, though I hope the portrayal and its use can be more positive than what is currently appear in the book. In addition to keris, there is also one sentence that mentions about Jakarta. You may find out for yourself how much D. Lagercrantz mentioned things about our country into his story ?.

Benito had- so it was rumored - murdered three people with a pair of daggers she called Keris, and there was so much talk about them that they became part of the menacing atmosphere in the unit. Everyone said the worst that could happen was for Benito to pronounce that she had her dagger pointed at you, because then you were sentenced to death, or already as good as dead.

Page 28.


It seems David Lagercrantz has indeed been skimming readers by writing this paragraph. As if preparing me for a more bloody next story, such as lightning and wind that signaled a storm ahead. Because of reading this paragraph, I feel impatient waiting for what will happen. "It must be exciting," I thought.

Salander had been given permission, despite her high-security classification, to work in the garden and the ceramic workshop. Her ceramic vases were the worst he had ever seen. She was not exactly sociable either. She appeared to be living in a world of her own and ignored any looks or remarks that came her way, including furtive shoving and punches from Benito. Salander shook them off as if they were dust or bird droppings.

The only one she looked out was Faria Kazi. Salander kept a close eye on her and probably understood how serious the situation was. This could lead to some sort of confrontation. Olsen could not be sure. But i was a constant anxiety.

Page 29


The play of emotion is also felt here and there along the storyline, one of them in the part where dying Palmgreen is trying to give clues to Blomkvist, which unfortunately the name he gave is only a fragment.

Palmgreen shook his head and gave a hoarse whisper. It was imposible to understand what he was saying. It was a low, almost soundless croacking, terrible to hear. Blomkvist bit his lip and was about to start breathing more air into the old man when he thought he could make out something he was saying, two words:

"Talk to ..."

"Who? Who?" And then with his last reserves of strength Palmgreen wheezed something which sounded like "Hilda from ..."

"Hilda from what?"

"To Hilda von ..."

It had to be something important, something crucial.

"Von who? Von Essen? Von Rosen?"

Palmgreen gave a desperate look. Then something happened to his eyes. The pupil widened. His jaw dropped open. He looked dramatically worse ...

Page 145


Of course the most amazing part of Salander's character is her genius in hacking the data. Cool. I am delighted David Lagercrantzs can bring my emotions and imagination well when this scene takes place.

Within second the screen went totally black. she was motionless, her breathing heavy and her fingers hovering over the keyboard, like a pianist preparing for a difficult piece.

The she hammered something out with astonishing speed, rows of white numbers and letters on the black screen. Soon after the computer start to write by itself, spewing a flood of symbols, incomprehensible program codes and commands. he could only understand the occasional English word, Connecting database, Search, Query and Response, and the Bypassing security, which was more than a little alarming. She waited, drumming her fingers on the table impatiently. "Shit!" A window had popped up that read ACCESS DENIED. She tried several times to get the screen, disappearing inwards, and then a flash of color: ACCESS GRANTED. Soon things started to happen which Olsen had not imagined possible. It was as if Salander was drawn in through a wormhole into cyber worlds belonging to another time, a time long before the internet.

Page 40.


Although this sounds trivial, but in fact I do like to pay attention to the names of the characters and places in the story. The choice of names in some books that I read sometimes less suitable in my imagination, sometimes because it feels excessive or precisely because it is too simple when compared with the genre of books or background story.

In this book I find names of places that sound unique, must be a bit difficult to pronounce, but still ear-cathing. For example, Riddarfjarden, who after I was browsing on google was indeed the original name of a lake in Sweden which means in English is The Knight Firth ?.


As a writer, David Lagercrantz also looks qualified by exploring the scientific background in finance and business so that he can put it into the story line and become a logic for some parts of the groove. Incidentally one of the characters story of business and financial background. The explanations underlying the twin genetics and psychology theories are also very convincing so as to support the integrity of the story well.

These days our savings are numbers on a computer screen, constantly shifting with movement in the market. And we rely completely on them. But imagine if we start to worry that they quotations not only bounce up and down with the markets, but could be quite simply neupral, like numbers on a slate, what happens then? "

We had situations there in which our investments ceased to exist for a short time. They could not find anywhere in cyberspace and the market reeled. The crona fell by 45 per cent. "

Page 105


There is not much humor I found in this book, except for one or two that was not meant to be funny. But because the choice of the sentence does clearly illustrate the character of the figures being involved, I can not help smiling too.

"What do you mean?"

"She has the two things to communicate, she says."

"And what are they?"

"One, that Benito got what she deserved, and two, that Benito get what she deserved."

Blomkvist laughed, he had no idea why. He knew the situation was serious.

Page 111.


One sensitive issue I found in this book is about Islam. From the beginning I was very curious, where the reader's perception will be taken by David Lagercrantz related to this Islamic topic. Two "evil" characters in the book are clearly mentioned as Muslims, and one of the Muslim figures here seems to do sexual without marriage with a woman, which is clearly contrary to religious teachings.

But apparently David Lagercrantz is clever to invite readers to examine from various points of view. At least I feel the depiction he gave in his book on Islam and Muslims is balanced. You may read it by yourself and conclude it. Our opinions may be the same, but they may be different. All will return to our respective perspectives.

The brothers call themselves believers, but they have more in common with Benito than with Muslims in general ...

Page 155


There are several sentences in this book that impressed me, so I noted them right away.

First you find out the truth. Then you take revenge. Page 148

Life often looks its best from a distance. He was yet to understand that. Page 241

One can see into a man's eyes, but not into his heart. Page 285


This is a bestseller thriller book, the puzzle is really scattered. Moreover, it turns out the storyline as it has two big puzzles. Only when near the end of the story I get a picture about where the story will be taken, although still fail to guess the details. Between Part 1 and Part 2 was once a turn of the puzzle, from what had been the focus around Salander's life, then transformed into the life of Leo and Dan, accompanied by a series of explanations of genetic science and the inheritance of human genes. Blomkvist takes over the leading role in this section.

This book is fun to be read. Although my favorite until now is still in the first three books of the Millennium series.


Who is David Lagercrantz

David Lagercrantz is a writer and journalist. He is the author of I am Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Fall of Man in Wilmslow who earned the bestselling title. David Lagercrantz continued the Millennium Series after Stiegh Larsson died. His first follow-up book titled The Girl in the Spider's Web was published in 2015 and became a global bestseller and will also be promoted to a movie.

The second book The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye gets 3.77 points at Goodreads, and 3.5 stars on Amazon.



I recommend this novel to readers who love the mystery genre, suspense, thriller, with a puzzle of difficulty in detail, and accompanied by scientific exposure to complement the logic of the reader's thinking. For the readers who follow the Millennium Series, love the eccentric figures and good at hacking the data, as well as searching for adrenaline action scenes, I also recommend this book to them.


Note: only for adult readers. Violent and sexual scenes (not erotic) are included in this book



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