Title : Warcross

Author : Marie Lu

Genre : Novel Sci-Fic

Publisher : Penguin Books Ltd

Year of Publish : 2017

Page : 368 pages

Dimension : 15,5 x 23,30 x 2,90 cm

Price : Rp. 170.000

#1 New York Times Bestselling Author


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Brief Story

Emi did not expect the result of hacking in the game Warcross made her became a person who hunted by everyone, ranging from journalists to the founder and maker of Warcross game itself. She who had been an ordinary girl, living a life of debt, and roaming the Dark World for money is now a kind of celebrity that everyone is looking for. Some idolize her, the rest hate her. Emi initially thought Hideo contacted her to punish for interrupting the Warcross tournament, but it turned out that Hideo gave another offer for her. Will Emi work for Hideo?

Their first encounter in Tokyo brought their own impression in Hideo's heart. A smart Emi is an incredible talented hacker. She can briefly find some weaknesses in the system and among thousands of code that Hideo designed. As for Emi, Hideo has long been her idol. She secretly watched Hideo, and probably missed this meeting since long time ago. Will Emi and Hideo be the couple who fell in love each other?

When she join in Warcross team, it took her longer to realize it was more like a conspiracy than an ordinary criminal case. Now his safety is threatened, will Emi capable to uncover who the perpetrators behind the boycott Warcross? Did Emi survive?


The main character in the Warcross novel is Emika Chen (Emi), a teenage girl, with a sad family background, father dies, drunkenness and gambling, while her mother leaves them when Emi is still young. Despite Emi's situation and childhood, Emi grew into an independent person because of the urgency of the situation. She is also smart and good at hacking. Emi may be tempted to do something less dishonest, but in totality the character that Emi shows in the Warcross is actually full of integrity and commitment to the truth. I love Emi.

Then there is Hideo, who in terms of age is also still young. Genius in creating programs and various technological innovations. Hideo is the creator of Warcross that its prototype he made when he was not even more than a teenager. There is a childhood trauma that haunts him into adulthood. It makes her character are so difficult, hard, and complicated. After all he was impressed with Emi and fell in love.

Other characters are quite numerous in this book. There are Warcross game attendees, people from Dark World, Hideo's co-workers, Hideo's parents, and so on. Including the antagonist, a hacker who allegedly wanted to sabotage Warcross from Darkworld. He is the one who Emi chase and Emi wants uncover his identity for the safety of Hideo.

All the characters are natural and unambiguous. The characters are in accordance with their respective roles. In my opinion, this is one reason why Warcross is enjoyable to be read.

Parts I Love

Marie Lu can be called one of the best author in describing the background story. Reading Warcross makes us like being taken to various places in the world, plus a virtual world, a world of warcross and dark world. There are locations of Manhattan, New York, then Tokyo. In Warcross I find a fascinating background description but with an impression. The description of downtown Tokyo feels so fantastic to me.

In my opinion, the story line is quite proportional. Some reviewers say the Warcross plot is slow in the beginning, but I disagree. After all this is the first book of the Warcross series, in the follow-up book I do hope there are plots that are more beautiful, fresh, and unpredictable.

Several parts categorized a sad story, because Emi's childhood along with her late father is often told in the early books. The sweet and bitter memories are felt once in the sentences. In my opinion, Marie Lu plays the emotions of the reader well.

I turn my head toward the rest of the apartment and pretend that he's here, the healthy, un-sickly version of him, his tall, slender silhouette outlined in light near the doorway, his forest of dyed blue hair shining silver in the darkness, facial scruff neatly trimmed, black-rimmed glasses framing his eyes, dreamer's face on. He would be wearing a black shirt that exposed the colorful tattoos winding up and down his right arm, and his appearance would be impeccable - his shoes polished and trousers perfectly ironed - except for flecks of paint staining his hands and hair.

I smile to myself at the memory of sitting in a chair, swinging my legs and staring at the bandages on my knees while my father put temporary streaks of color into my hair. Tears still stained my cheeks from when I'd run home from school, sobbing, because someone had pushed me down at recess and I'd scraped holes in my favorite jeans. Dad hummed while he worked. When he finished, he held a mirror up to me, and I gasped in delight. Very Givenchy, very on trend, he said, tapping my nose lightly. I giggled. Especially when we tie it up like this. See? He gathered my hair up into a high tail. Don't get too used to it - it'll wash out in few days.  Now, let's go get some pizza.

Page 21

To be honest, I think I've heard something about the virtual world before. However, still, when I first read this section, what is told in the Warcross still feels fantastic to my imagination world . Wild and futuristic story ideas. Especially because Marie Lu can bring all the ideas of the story well in every narration. Although in the real world Kim and Mourborgne in his book Blue Ocean Shift said that google glasses technology (which also means including apple glasses) is a technology product that has not been successful.

So Hideo created the best brain-computer interface ever built. A pair of sleek glasses. The Neurolink.

When you wore it, it helped your brain render virtual worlds that loked and sounded indistinguishable from reality. Imagine walking around in that world - interacting, playing, talking. Imagine wandering through the most realistic virtual Paris ever, or lounging in a full simulation of Hawaii's beaches. Imagine flying through a fantasy world of dragons and elves. Anything.

With the press of a tiny button on its side, the glasses could also switch back and forth like polarized lenses between the virtual world and the real world. And when you looked at the real world through it, you could see virtual things hovering over real-life objects and places. Dragon flying above your street. The names of stores, restaurant, and people.

To demonstrate how cool the glasses were, Hideo made a video game that came with each pair. This game was called Warcross.

Page 31

I noted several sentences that also have deep and memorable meanings. I always love quotes from books :)

You have to learns to look at the whole of something, not just the parts. Relax your eyes. Take in the entire image at once.

Every looked door has a key. Page 33

Everyone in the world is connected in some way to everyone else. Page 131

A good description of fantasy is definitely required for sci-fiction story, such as Warcross, because often good ideas can fail simply because of the inability of the authors to describe them well to the reader. I think Marie Lu is good at the affair. 

I recommend Warcross to adult readers who love the dystopia novel, who love the story full of fantasy, futuristic, games, hackers and codes, imagination, adventure, action, romance, and who wish a novel which capable convey fascinating ideas of fantasy in the form of narration and a good descriptions. I recommend this book to readers who like Harry Potter, Hunger Game, and Divergent books, because there are similarities in the genre or similarity of story ideas.

Note: Sexual content, and violent topics are included in this book.


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